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      I just met The God of Dreams!

      Ill with a sore throat, I knew rest would help so I went to bed for a nap. Had a MILD Lucid I even said before I had it, "Let's get Lucid!" not really expecting to but hoping I would! Dreamt from 1pm to 4.30pm

      I was staring into my fridge. There were rows of chocolate bars everywhere, all positioned on the shelves at the same angle, diagonal and facing upward to the left. I squinted my eyes, really concentrating and that was when I willed the back of the fridge to move back. It did so, opening three tunnels in the fridge that forked off in three directions. I crawled through the fridge, veering off down the right hand tunnel.

      I was also Simba being chased by Scar from The Lion King, was Harry Potter riding a white horse that bucked me off. I know why it bucked me off, because even my dreaming mind was thinking, 'I don't ride horses. This is not going to end well' and because I was unconvinced of my abilities, it didn't. The dream world is so intelligent.

      I fell down a mini waterfall, heard the rush of water. I fell headfirst into the waterfall river, hearing the splash, listening to the water. I never thought I could hear sounds in dreams when I was achieving lucid control, but this dream proved me wrong. I thought, "Don't need oxygen in dream world. Let's go diving." I sank into the water, now a sea below me. There were all these blue fish and weird creatures, then got eaten by a shark. I didn't worry though. "I'll let it eat me. It's only a dream."

      I had watched a video with a dream researcher the other day, Robert Waggoner (author of Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self) and he had suggested to stop controlling dreams, ask questions about the world instead. With this in mind, I was in a dark room with cardboard boxes and dusky lighting. I stepped forward and thought "Show me something." It was a very general request, and for a moment I didn't think anything would happen and then it did.

      These bright lights shot towards me and took me by the arms, lifting me into the air and then settling me down on the top step of a ladder (now I remember!) A brown door opened. I willed my brain to just think about nothing, a void so the dream world could have some fun with me and it did. A shadow materialised in the doorway and a black man stepped through. Instantly I asked, "Are you the God of Dreams?" Am quickly learning there are different roles in the dream world: I've met my Dream Counseller and the God of Dreams. Anyone else had anything similar/like to comment?

      Love this site!!!!!
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      I have met 'Gods' in dreams. Most I have only observed. I never got to exchange words with one, but 2 have spoken directly to me.
      Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

      "Instruction in Dream Yoga"

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      Cool! I've now met my Dream Counseller and God of Dreams Maybe they switch around no idea lol

      Well, I said to the dream "Show me something." and these lights just came and took me by the arms and lifted me. Then, a door opened and the black guy walked in. Somehow I just knew he was a God.

      Also, not related but do you find that most people around you don't understand the fascination of lucid dreams? I would feel alone without this site!

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