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    Thread: First False Awakening

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      First False Awakening

      A few mornings ago I had my first FA. I'd not had one before, and it was really freaky!
      Normally the bedroom is really dark, but this morning I appeared to wake up and I noticed that there was more light in the room than normal. Maybe I was on the point of waking as well, because I instantly knew that it was a dream and a false awakening. The clarity was amazing, but within a couple of seconds it all sort of melted away and I woke for real.
      It was the way the what looked like real life sort of melted in front of my eyes that was amazing.
      I did think to try and stabilise, but by the time I had realised what was going on it was too late.

      Any advice about how to stabilise in that situation?
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      Cool! Congrats on the ld! :bravo: A false awakening ld should be no different from any other ld in terms of stabilization. Try rubbing hands, or exploring the area around you even if it may be all too familiar. Also, having a predetermined task to do in the ld should help keep your focus on the dream.

      If you do wake up, stay still and try to DEILD back there and proceed with whatever you want to do. Good luck!

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      Congratulations and yes, rubbing hands and spinning should help you to stabilize the dream. For me, screaming also works (something like "Lucidity!!!" or anything else you want)

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      Congrats on lucid and false awakening!
      Like NyxCC said, FA lucids can be stabilized just same as other lucids, here's a good tutorial also: http://www.dreamviews.com/articles/9...-tutorial.html
      Also remember that with practice your lucid dreams will get longer in general, so next time you will have more time to stabilize.

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