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      Cool Alien Lucid Dream! (short)

      So I was in the forest. I become lucid out of no where. I look at my surroundings. Tall redish brown trees are all around me. I look off in the distance and I see a rock. On the rock was an alien. The alien was green, with a bigger head compared to its body. I conjured a weapon. It was a gun. I fired it at the alien but it just got mad at me. The whole alien turned the color red and ran towards me. I had to think quickly. I turned to a tree that was behind me. I said outloud "give me something that will help me behind this tree." I looked behind it. I found a flute laying there. I picked it up and immediately started playing it. The alien stopped running at me and it turned a blue color. rainbow colors were coming out of the end of he flute while I played it. The alien danced to my music. Then I woke up soon after.

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      cool dream, I love dreams with aliens. I have had about two dreams involving aliens. The most interesting one I remember is the one where the aliens ships where wrecked and I was inside the ship with them and the aliens were moving around, I guess they were trying to fix it.

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