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      First voluntary lucid dream ever.

      I partially woke up this morning at little bit before the alarm went off (I think). As I was getting gradually more aware, I suddenly realized I was still somewhat sleeping while still being technically paralyzed. This happened to me dozens of times in my life and usually I would just concentrate for 2-3 seconds and normally wake up. This time however I decided to attempt to get into a lucid dream. I concentrated to go back to sleep, but keep my awareness at much as I could. At some point (maybe 10-15 seconds later) I started to feel strong vibrations in my ears, which I already knew was the beginning of the transition toward the dream state (I've felt that before). I also started to see filaments and dots of light. Nothing very precise, but at least it was something. It's funny because I've always expected the transition to be very fast, intense, chaotic and maybe even unpleasant. Kind of like what we saw in the movie Inception. Strangely the transition was very gradual, smooth and comfortable. I was relived. So what happened is that I started to see a wall with a window in front of me. I didn't feel anything, didn't hear anything... Only saw a very dark, vague wall with a window. Gradually it became clearer. At some point I realized I was in my room (I mean, in the dream). It was a little different from my real room and it was not in my apartment, but rather at my parents' house (I'm in college and I still go back to my home town every weekend to work so it does make sense anyway). I attempted to change the environment by just thinking about it, but nothing happened. I suddenly thought about opening the sun blinds. It was dark on the other side. So what I did is I opened the door in my room (which strangely had no furniture other than a bed), which led to an area of the house completely different from where my real room is located. I walked up the stairs and opened the front door of the house. And there it was, a vast green field with trees and rivers. The sky was blue. The sun was bright. At this point I was able to feel the entire dream realm with all my senses expect taste which I just didn't really cared about. I was seeing very clearly at close range. I heard a waterfall. I felt both the wind and the sun's heat on my skin. I even smelled plants. I touched the water and it felt ridiculously real. I walked around for a good 5 to 10 minutes. I didn't even care about doing anything else. I just walked and observed completely flabbergasted, not because what I was seeing was at all out of the ordinary, but because it felt much much more real than I expected. There weren't much details in the field. It was grass and trees here and there. There weren't weeds, flowers, animals or insects. It was fairly limited, but for what it was, it felt 95% like real life would. I didn't hear any voices or see any other humans there. It was fairly limited as I said earlier, but it was extraordinarily vivid compared to the vague, foggy 30 seconds lucid dreams I've had in the past. When I woke up, I was in my apartment. Everything seemed normal. Everything that I do remember was at it's place... However there was something off. I didn't feel like my senses were receiving much information. Besides from sight and hearing... It didn't feel real. I realized I was still dreaming. I closed my eyes, concentrated and forced myself to wake up. Once again the transition was very smooth. I gradually started to feel my bed sheets and pillow. I started to hear the fan I always sleep with. I started to feel the wind it makes. I then opened my eyes and I was really awake this time. It really didn't feel like a normal night where it's just black and then some bits of dream here and there and then boom! Wake up.No, I really sensed that time passed and I was able to recall every detail as if it happened for real.

      So this is the story of my first "on purpose" LD. Hope you enjoyed it and give me feedback if you have advices. I will attempt to have more LD's in the near future.

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      Congrats on vivid lucid dream!
      And yes, lucid dreaming is awesome! Why no taste though? Feeling of taste in lucid dream is amazing, maybe try summoning some dream food next time.
      And you will definitely have more lucids, plan some goals for them!
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      It's not that I didn't want to taste, it's just that it didn't go through my mind. I was just running around in a grass field. There wasn't much to be tasted in the first place and I had so much to be amazed by that I just didn't think about summoning something eatable.

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