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    Thread: Origin

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      Another good lucid, practice is giving results . I had another dream last night and I'm not able to remember if it was part of this or just a completely different dream.

      - I was in a tavern (this is not really the beginning of the dream, but I can't remember it now) and a man was asking for morphine because he had a gunshot wound but no one gave it to him. I went to the bathroom, washed my hands and went out of the tavern. I stayed in the door, just looking outside and thinking that I knew that place, I had been there before but now it was a beautiful place. Even though I knew that I was dreaming I did a RC to confirm it, but it surprised me that this time it was not that clear, I mean, everything just looked so normal and realistic to the point that I did it a few times before moving.

      As I started to walk I saw some tables outside and a friend of mine on a seesaw but did not say anything to her (it seemed like she couldnt see me). I touched the tables, and stayed some time looking just at the environment, trying to make a mental photo to remember it with details when I wake up. When I was ready, I remembered a thing I wanted to do; asking a DC (more exactly, the 'representative' of the dream world) to tell me that I was dreaming every time I went to that world. Walked a little screaming for he/she to appear. Eventually some old man appeared in front of me saying that he was sleeping in the building next to me. I said thanks to him and went to the building, but as I started touching the door I woke up.

      A thing I liked was that I knew that place, and when I woke up I had a extreme feeling of melancholy, like my inner self knew that I belonged to that world. Kind of weird but curious.
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      its very interesting when the locations we witness while lucid, look so familer and we even know the way around..

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