This is the second time I've had a dream about UFO's within a week.

Anyways, all I remember is walking outside with a friend (I don't remember who), and out of nowhere something flies over our heads. We just ignored it but then I stopped walking and decided to look up at it to see what it was, because it was very close to the ground.

When I looked up, I noticed it was a UFO. It beamed either a blue or green light at me (I cant remember what color). It started sucking me up to the UFO to kill me.

As I was getting sucked up, it was as if I was looking from my best friend's view, because I watched myself getting sucked up in the ship. She told me to think really hard and become lucid so I can control the UFO and get it to drop me.

At that point I became lucid and I'm pretty sure I blew the UFO up.
That's all I can remember. I woke up at this point.