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Interesting false awakening from a nap a few hours ago. I was lying in bed and felt my right hand holding a small plate. My finger was on the bottom and I felt an indentation where a cup fits (I have a couple of plates like that). I suspected it's a dream because of the plate, but I wasn't "with it" enough to realize it MUST be a dream. I reached over to hold it with both hands and concentrated on keeping it in my grasp as I tried rising from bed. If it wasn't in my hands when I got up I'd know it's a dream. I got up and stopped for a second to do a little thing I do to see if it's a false awakening...mainly just a pause and some kind of concentration to see if I'll end up back in bed. I ended up back in bed with my hands at my sides, no plate, and awake. In the dream I had my real life body position (on my back) except for my hands and arms and except when I tried getting up. I also felt the same level of tiredness as I did when I woke up. I even procrastinated trying to get up in the dream because I was tired.