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      Exclamation being sucked out of body

      so, im tryin to start this thread for this dream i had about being sucked out of my body. it was a continued dream before this. i had become lucid to an extent... and before making a profile on this site i read that there is such a thing as a natural LD. which makes sense to me now because every since i was a kid i could become aware and walk or do whatever i wanted in my dreams once i became even slightly suspicious that i was dreaming. Anyway, in this dream i was on the side of my bed... laying on my side, there were a few characters that surrounded me. first i was afraid because well, this tends to happen often when i become fully lucid, i find all these beings around me that are being disgusted or... they have disdain for me... or they are sucking the energy out of my being so i cant lucid dream. its weird. its as if they're trying to make me weaker. these beings make me feel fear and when i look at their faces they look like they really just want to rid of me. and they look like their terribly hurt. okay so... thats how this lucid dream became apparent tonight... usually i just ignore them or... love them if im feeling brave. because when i give them love (and it doesnt always work) but USUALLY when i give them love they go away the only catch is that i have to feel what they are feeling when i love them. or if i ignore them they go away. fighting them i can do for a quick burst to get them out of my "zone" i guess you could call it. anyway, tonight i decided to ignore. so. i met these two girls named Faith. they were the same girl, just different sides. i remember exactly what she looked like. curly curly blond hair. Caucasian.... very light skin, bright pink lips, and she had freckles and green eyes. beautiful green eyes. she was wearing a army green faded corduroy jacket, it wasn't buttoned up and she had blouse underneath with some dark blueish jeans. when i spoke to her/them i would speak to them as if they were pure. my meeting with her passed and i started to have a little fun. falling into these worlds of beautiful technicolor... seeings bits of blocks and decorative shapes and designs float around me as i free fell. now, let me mention, in between these scenes of being with faith and dancing thru my mind, i would get clips of these two horribly mangled looking people. they genuinely wanted to hurt me but not just in a physical way. they were these beings that i was telling about. i guess the best word i can think to call them are wraiths? so they stare at me... and its getting harder to ignore them. i have fear now in my dream because they wont stop and i'm getting weaker. i come out of my dancing and free falling state to deal with them, and confront them. but they don't want to be confronted this time at all. but of course, i try anyway... i can feel them sucking out my strength... so with a quick burst i sucked back in all my energy, and i don't know how this happened but i thought "GOD" and all of a sudden i felt myself accumulate into tiny little bits of light and i felt like i was being forcefully sucked out of my body from above me. this feeling was insanne! i mean, this has happened a couple times before in my life, ill say once when i was a child, another when i was about 16 and now. i remember feeling free to it but at the same time, THERE WAS NO WAY I AM BEING SUCKED OUT OF MY BODY WITH NO IDEA WHERE I AM GOING!!! hahaha, i seriously had NOOO idea where i was headed or, why, or- and it wasnt that i was fearful but, it kind of hurt in this weird way, being forcefully sucked out of my body. and i really didnt want to trust this abyss i was going into. when i was younger id always feel like i was being sucked into a black whole. i would often suffer from sleep paralysis, nightwakes, and i dont know what you call it but i wouldn't be able to wake myself up(is that considered sleep paralysis too?) yeah, but continuing on, i've felt the feeling of being sucked out of my body.. but never like this. i really felt every spec of my being come apart and accumulate into a cluster of light and felt like there was a vacuum sucking me into it or something. okay, well after this i woke up(after heavy struggle to pull myself back into my body) or so i thought i did and i looked to the foot of my bed and saw this girl with long brown frizzy hair staring at me, as if i was bate. what im really wondering is... do you know if anyone has felt that feeling of being sucked out of their body like that? sorry for all the unnecessary details.

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      well... there are many different sensations you can experience in OBE's, and this one sounds like one, combined with many false awakenings.

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