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    Thread: Dream induced WILD

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      Dream induced WILD

      I was having a regular dream,..just walking around the house until i thought to my self " i Want to try and Wild". so i went to my couch and layed down and closed my eyes,..( I thought that should've Woken me up) when i opened em, i did a reality check and i was dreaming. As soon as i realized i was dreaming my vision went completely black with a little bit of blue and i had a sensation of falling with my feet tied together. I reached my hands out and could Feel A females hair and face, her face never came into view. I then woke up,

      So basicaly the idea of trying to lucid dream made me lucid,...so it was basicaly a DILD but it was quite interesting.
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      I've had some in-dream "WILDs" too, once its even continued with FA into previous dream scene, haha.
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