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    Thread: Dream ruiner.

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      Dream ruiner.

      I have this character that manifests in dreams that usually turns them into a nightmare. One dream for example is when it picked my up by the leg and drug me behind it. Something similar to when Predator drags Schwarzenegger behind him (if it's even from that movie.) It usually takes the form of a body cast in black, with no definitive features. And when I try to move towards it, or look directly at it I get a sense of intense vertigo and usually go limp.

      Well one night I was dreaming that I was walking down a forested path. My breath was showing but I wasn't cold, and I had a third person view of myself. I had a sense of dread and knew that the ruiner was behind me. But at this point I had realized it was a dream, and had full control. It came up right behind me and just stood there, in any other case I would have been paralyzed with fear and may have dropped to the ground. But I turned around to face it, and we both lashed out at eachother. We tumbled back towards the original direction I was heading and tumbled off the edge of a cliff, fighting the entire way down. That's all I remember. That night the ruiner looked like a naked hairless man with a gargoyle face and pointy ears.

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      sounds like shadow people


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