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      Rode a Lion

      After becoming lucid, for some reason my first thought was that I would like to ride a lion. Maybe it was because I've been watching a lot of nature documentaries lately, but that was my thought. There was a hallway to my left, and I kind of just imagined/summoned the lion there. The crazy part was that my imagination of the lion was that it would be a ferocious lion, and would try to attack me, so obviously that's the kind of lion that appeared. The lion charged me, and I jumped over it, twisting in the air to grab its mane and mount it while it was snapping at my hands. It nipped my hands a few times, but I was riding it at this point, and could control it. I rode it down a few hallways, and I could feel its anger and ferocity which I kind of funneled into my riding of it, making it run faster and faster. Eventually I rode it into a crowd of people, but that's around the time I woke up.
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      Reminds me of Narnia too lol. This is great. Sounds like a great experience!

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