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      I had...quite the dream

      Before I went to bed I was pretty upset...the girl I like (mentioned in the story) didn't show much interest. Whereas other days she does...etc etc. Anyway. I don't know if that triggered some weird...dream stuff. It was quite the Inception-like dream.

      "Sunday, April 27th, 2014:

      I had quite the deam last night.

      I was walking through the mall(?) A lot of people in the mall didn't have faces. I remember thinking it was because my brain was trying to tell me something...
      Anyway, I was walking through the mall with my brother when suddenly I realized I was dreaming. I didn't know how I realized it though. I ran around saying I'm dreaming.
      I was attempting to stabalize it I think. Anyway, I ran around the mall; and then ran outside. I then said 'gravity wasn't there' and I (and everyone else) could jump
      really high, but not fly. After a series of attempts, eventually I was able to fly. When I landed I didn't feel any pain. When I took off I was in a parking lot, and I remember
      a white vehicle with a silver ensignia. While flying I passed several large metal power-lines. I landed in a very strange area...made of colored cubes and colored trees. The ground
      was very pebbly as well. I can't quite remember what happened at this point, I may have lost some of the lucidity.

      The next thing I remember (it was the same dream) I was in a movie set for a movie called Psycosaniac(?) starring Johnny Depp. It was a very strange movie, about a man trapped in a dream
      I do believe. I knew I was dreaming; but I didn't have much control or lucidity. At one point, I decided this 'dream' I was having was too much, and got myself to 'wake up'. So now,
      I am sitting with my friends looking at the Title (menu) screen of the movie I was just in. Everyone was like 'You're awake! Finally'. I plugged my nose and tried to breathe...I could.

      I was still dreaming.

      I wasn't really lucid per-say; it had somehow become part of the dream reality for me to be aware but not in control. We then proceeded to watch the movie (which I don't think I really
      watched it much in the dream) while I sat next to a the girl I liked. We eventually cuddled, held hands, and then she...um...straddled me. However, my brother and his girlfriend got
      mad at as for doing so. And then we left. I have a vague memory that my brother and I went to the woods to hunt something afterwards, but I am unsure...

      At last, I ACTUALLY woke up. Frankly, it was a bit of a relief after all that. Although, I enjoyed the dream."

      Thanks for reading!

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      I remember a lucid dream where I could fly/jump high. I flew around my city, flying/jumping to school, and I'd jump over everyone else. It was weird, yet enjoyable. I also remember "skating" on air, on my tip-toes. They could have been separate dreams... another one of my dreams was inception-like, but not in the same sense. It's always weird when I can move around in my dream, though I never enjoyed just sleeping... I could never stand dreams that I wasn't in control of, so I just "do" it whenever I have a dream. I feel restricted otherwise.

      I don't always dream either, which is fine... I don't always care much for dreams, much more than the great feeling I wake up to in the morning.

      Sometimes Binuaral waves can trigger these dreams, which I was listening to binuaral beats lately. Perhaps anything could have triggered it, but heightening emotions/awareness is part of the lucid dreaming experience.


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