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    Thread: Are Lucid Dreamers just tourists?

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      Are Lucid Dreamers just tourists?

      One of the most surprising things I ever heard in a LD was when I was behaving particularly obnoxiously and a DC turned to me and said: "You are just visiting, we have to live here." Like something a local would say to a tourist. It got me to thinking that perhaps the dream space is not something our individual mind creates but is a universally shared space that we have access to through dreams. I certainly took the DC's words to heart and started to behave much more respectfully towards the "locals" and in return I have been treated much better myself as well.
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      Even if not actual places that exist separate from our minds, I think it's generally a good idea to keep our waking life manners with us in our lucid dreams. I personally don't like acting out any violent behavior in my lucid dreams, for example. I just don't feel good about it, and I think our dream actions may effect our waking life thoughts and actions, even if on a subtle level. Or at least effects later dream behavior.

      So yes, in a way, I agree, we are visitors, or tourists in the dream world.
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      Chafu if your curious about stuff like that you should read robert waggoners book gateway to the inner self he proposes some very intresring ideas about dream characters and the awareness behind the dream I believe it is best to be respectful though and even if its not a shared experience why would you want to be rude to your sub conscious?

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      I like to think once we have that control, we can do as we please in the dream.. Although it does have consequences.

      i respect dr. waggoner although I've never read his book, just some excerpts. I had an email convo with him once and that turned out well. He explained to me in some great examples of what our limits are and what ezactly do we control in our dreams, or the lucid ones.
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