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    Thread: Really Surprised Me

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      So I got home from school and I was really tired. I laid on the couch and put on my headphones. I was drifting to sleep but wasn't able to fully fall asleep because of the music. The song Royals by Lorde came on and I dreamed that I was loading meat into a small freezer that was inside a giant white dome room with my friends and we started singing it. It felt so real, I thought my mouth was actually moving and it kinda sounded like us too! When we were singing the sound was echoey like we were actually in a dome. When the song ended I was trying to change the song back to Royals but I couldn't and thats when I knew I was dreaming that I was trying to change it back. I even opened my eyes in real life and saw my family doing their normal stuff, but I closed them again because I didn't want to see anything scary that would ruin the dream. It was the best dream of any kind I have ever had and that surprised me because their was nothing negative in it at all and I thought lucid dreams were supposed to be scary.

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      Why would you think lucids dreams are scary?
      They're amazing! Well, they are what you make them..
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