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      So I was having a dream about some city in the sky with a really busy highway where the roads were just floating there. I was driving through traffic and at one part the road was open, so I sped up, and there was a sharp turn. I tried to quickly turn but it was too late. I flew off of it and started falling down to Earth. The car disappeared so it was just me falling. Then I became Lucid. I was going to wake myself up because it was scary, but I decided to keep falling and maybe if the fall didn't end the dream I could have a longer LD. I kept getting closer and it seemed to be nighttime, because the city below me (on the ground) had lots of lights up and it looked amazing. It felt weird, but it was fun skydiving. I'm sure it would terrify me in waking life. When I finally got close I tried to slow down my falling speed, and it worked. Instead of a city I landed in someone's backyard in the suburbs. There were people there who started talking to me, and I can't remember what happened next, but I think the dream continued for a bit.

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      Congrats on the lucid! I'm probably the same as you, skydiving in a dream is about as close as I'd ever want to get...
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      It is an awesome feeling indeed. Congrats on the lucid, hopefully, many more to come.
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