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      My most recent, vivid, and best LD yet! 7/9/14

      This would be my fourth lucid dream that I can say with confidence and remember well. It was also my most vivid and exciting lucid dream up to date. The method used was WBTB/DILD. I set up an alarm and kept hitting snooze so I wouldn't oversleep. The alarm would wake me up every 10 to 15 minutes and I would fall back asleep almost immediately. The lucid dream was entirely unintentional but very welcomed Now on to the actual dream.... My memory and recall is pretty shit(due to partaking in cannabis and a non stable sleep schedule) but I will try and recall as much as possible.

      I remember "waking up" in my room as I do with all my other lucid dreams and there's always something off to make me question whether I am dreaming or not. This time there was a young boy in my room talking to me but it had a pretty creepy vibe. For some reason or another I thought to use the nose plug reality check. Sure enough I could breathe through my nose and realized I was dreaming. First thought as always is to jump out(more like through) my window and attempt to fly. Before doing so I caught myself and tried to rub my hands together and get a feel for the dream environment first. I can recall the feeling of my hands rubbing together....it felt....so real. I think I also was touching the walls and could feel the bumpy yet smooth surface.This took me by surprise as I have read plenty about dreams being vivid and realistic but I finally experienced this for myself.

      So after attempting to stabilize I finally go through my window to my back yard to try to fly. I have always had trouble with the flying aspect as I always fall back down and can never stay flying. No difference here and I tried really hard to believe and even visualize myself flying.. I was able to project/float a good distance but slowly descended back to the ground. I don't know where I got the idea from but I tried to flap my arms like a bird. This actually worked but required a good amount of concentration. It actually took more effort and flaps to ascend and keep flying but it worked! It was pretty mentally draining and lasted only for a few minutes but it was the most progress I have made in flying. I remember flying from my backyard to the city with all these tall buildings scattered throughout. My plan was to get on top of one and jump off but I never quite made it to the top. I believe after this I woke up but here's the thing....

      I woke up in my room again. My memories hazy so I don't know when I was actually up or dreaming but I went in and out of lucidity at least two to three times. I kept having to do the nose plug reality check to make sure I was still dreaming. I saw the boy again in my room but this time I told him something along the lines of "this is a dream you don't matter". Of course after this I jump out my window as always At some point I recalled to my dream goals that I posted here and one of them was to change the dreamscape. My specific plan was to change the dreamscape to a beach of some sort but as for flying like superman that failed as well. I believe I lost my lucidity between these "challenges" and it took a lot of effort that I eventually just lost lucidity.

      That pretty much wraps up my experience, there were more details but these are the main points I wanted to share with you guys and recall to myself. The most surprising and interesting aspects of this lucid dream was the vividness/realness which my other dreams haven't compared to, flying like a bird worked for me and was cool! but still need to work on flying like superman, and one of the most interesting parts to me was the fact that I could think. It wasn't 100% clear thought as of now but pretty damn close. The fact that I was able to think back to my dream goals and try to act them out was awesome.
      Lucid Dreaming goals/progress. Have first LD[X] 10/30/12. Second LD 12/3/12. Achieve a LD in 2014[X] (4/13/14)Achieve full controllable flight[] Change dreamscape[] Summon object[]

      Most recent LD 7/9/14 Best one to date!!!

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