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    Thread: Hearing very vivid music/voices - WILD?

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      Hearing very vivid music/voices - WILD?

      I used to think of a song or conversation in my head whilst I'm in bed (going to sleep - eyes closed), at some point I can hear it vividly as if I'm wearing earphones. Shortly after, I'm disrupted from it and I wake up and can't get back into it.

      I've done research on lucid dreaming for a while and came across WILD and there is a state where you go into sleep paralysis and in this state you can start having auditory hallucinations, and if your eyes are open, visual hallucinations. Is it possible that I went into some kind of sleep paralysis state during that time, I was certain I wasn't moving, I could hear everything clearly but I wasn't dreaming and I knew somewhere I was awake so it wasn't a dream, but a stage away from dreaming.

      How can I achieve this again willingly? These past ones just kind of happened naturally. I like having the vivid music and conversations but I also want to lead it into a lucid dream.

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      dude same here! One early morning i was doing WBTB and as I was drifting into sleep I played a song i play alot on my ipod. As my body started falling asleep, it was like I was actually hearing the song, it became SO loud and clear that I though "Whoa what the hell is going on, I never turned on my speakers" and I kind of didnt care really so I turned on my side and then I heard a loud noise that sounded like someone just shot a lazer gun in my face and I saw a flash of light go past my room(Hypnagogic Imagery). So yeah it can be powerful, but take advantage of it and learn to ignore it, if you can do that you'll be in a dream in no time. And yes you were experiencing the same thing. You can achieve that state again by practicing WILDing. Good luck LucidDragon.
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      It is hypnogogia. that is a state of sleep in which you are partial aware of waking and sleeping. It is not related to sleep paralysis.
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      Same thing happened to me. I was listening to Elfen lied theme a lot before I went to bed, then when I went to bed i started to dose off and started hearing the song so vividly. my eyes were opened too so it was a bit freaky for me.
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      In your dream
      Got quite the same experience as you.
      In the morning I woke up from a dream, but this time I kept my eyes closed and my body still (DEILD).
      After a few seconds I saw some bright flashes and a sound like someone squeezed a plastic bottle near my ear..
      After that, it faded away and I thought I messed up so I opened my eyes.

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