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      Alas the drought is over!!

      Last night I had an LD for the first time in months. Not only was it much needed after such a long drought, it was also the best LD i've had to date. I'll share what I recall (forgot to write it down in the morning)

      I was in an enchanted looking forest with a close friend. We were standing by a cave when suddenly out came a massive blue dragon. When it approached I had one goal in mind... to slay it! At that moment I wasn't lucid, which is trippy because killing a dragon had been one of my all time lucid goals. I ended up lunging at it and trying to kill it without any weapons and I vaguely remember getting hit hard and falling endlessly. When I hit the bottom of the pit that the dragon knocked me into I heard my friend say "you're dreaming".

      Suddenly I was more lucid than ever! I immediately realized that finally the chance was here to accomplish one of my biggest LD goals, So I effortlessly summoned armour and an awesome sword and said to myself "here goes nothing" I leaped from the bottom of the pit, flying easily at full speed until I was back above ground and approaching the dragon. I remember cutting his head off in one clean slash then landing. I felt such a high due to the fact I had just used a level of dream control I was skeptical of ever acheiving. I said bye to my buddy and took off in the air.

      I ended up flying around over beautiful valleys and mountains for what seemed like a good 10 minutes, then I heard a voice saying "yooooo" I looked behind me and at that same moment I woke up to my brother saying. "yo we gotta work today get up"

      Anyways I'm super excited for future LDs... I had thought that it was not possible for me to get better at dream control, but I now I know differently


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      Duuude, nice. That sounds like something right out of a crappy anime.

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      Wow. I am happy that your LD dry spell has ended! I had a dry spell recently that lasted a few weeks. I was truly happy when I realized that a man-sized spider was just too bizarre to be in real life!

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      cool mate

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