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    Thread: I dreamt of a girl I've never met

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      I dreamt of a girl I've never met

      I had a dream last night about a girl that I seemingly have never met in my waking life. I don't recall a lot of the intricate details but I remember everything about her. She was about 5'8" with long light brown hair and I called her 'Al' as a nickname. I don't recall if we we're "dating" but there was definitely something more there and we had a deeper personal connection (Like you would have with a bf or gf)

      The dream started with us on a large older style wooden ship as we sailed into the night (We weren't the only ones on the ship) Oddly enough there were a few people on the ship that I DO know in real life but they didn't really have a significant role in my dream.

      While sailing, we came across another larger ship in the night and in the midst of the chaos the larger ship rose above our ship riding on a large wave and then coming back down on top of our ship breaking it in half. Al jumped into the water before the other ship hit while I stayed on board. As the ship started to break, her and I made eye contact and I told her to swim away from the ship in fear that the sinking ship would pull her down. But that would be the last time I saw her...

      I then jumped into the water desperately looking for her, yelling and screaming her name but with no luck. Me and a couple others who were on the ship were able to make it up onto these rocks to safety as I desperately looked out on the water looking for Al. Nothing else mattered to me other than finding her, as I was about to jump back into the water to find her I woke from my dream before and all I could think about was trying to fall back asleep so I could go get her...

      I'm not sure what to make of this kind of dream, I've never had a dream where I had such a close connection with them that I referred to them by a name. Any insight would be much appreciated. Hopefully this means I will soon find 'Al' in real life
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      Hahahaha be careful what you wish for. All the Als that I know are guys

      Hello everyone. Welcome to my world we call earth. Enjoy your stay

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