I was pinteresting on my phone. I was thinking about work that day and also the storms that have been going on recently before I got into bed. My brothers computer was destroyed by the lightning last night, and it plays into my LD.I was waiting for something to load on my phone when I started falling asleep, but I was telling myself not to. I thought I was still awake. But I had indeed fallen asleep. I had just gotten done playing the sims, which triggered almost everything that occurred in my dream. In the LD, I was at a indoor gym pool with classmates from Iupui, and we were talking and I was wet like I had just gotten done swimming. We ended up in my car and I was driving from the y in my hometown on a familiar road. I was on the phone with my mom telling her I thought I was psychic because I could literally tell her what was about to happen next (Still didn't know I was in a LD, so this explains why I knew what was happening). I then started to feel my thumb, which was still in the position of holding my phone and laying down, go numb in my LD while driving. This is when I realized I was awake. RC! I thought I was awake when I dropped my phone on the floor thinking I was getting struck my lightning through my phone, getting shocked, electrocuted, etc. that's what the SP felt like. It was scary. I was still in fact in the LD, and my body tensed up as if I were seizing and all sound went out, I couldn't hear anything. My eyes involuntarily opened wide and I was scared shitless. I couldn't move my hands or legs, and my phone was still in my hand. I felt violated, like someone took over my body. It's been almost 30 minutes, and my fingers and still numb, and it's still hard to relax. I was not purposefully trying to LD. I am just exhausted and was trying to stay awake. I also dream vividly pretty regularly, so it was just a mixture of everything I think. Still pretty freaked out after hallucinating being electrocuted and actually feeling the pain (in what I imagine it would feel like).