About a year ago, I had a lucid dream, It was kind of strange, so I was in my own hallway but it was dark, it was slightly blood red but not too creepy, now at first I was like "Hmmm this is wierd" "I am controlling my dream" and then decided hah let's try some stuff out "I pinched myself and felt nothing, so i knew i was in this dream", now, I was running down the hall, I tripped but managed to get up, let's try something, let's try flying, now I jumped, but I didn't fly... I was like "That was strange" but luckily able to fly, this is the point where i fly out of a glass window, I then fly to my old friend's house, she died a year ago, BUT THERE SHE WAS, she even had some lego for me (lego was my favourite thing), then i woke up in my dream.
After that I played my playing my computer in my dream.