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      30+ minute LUCID! DC'S ruining my mansion! wtf

      Hey guys......

      I had a VERY long lucid dream this morning......i know there are variations in real time comparisons to dream time....but....
      I did what Dolphin said was the MILD method......and i had felt like almost completely giving up becus it was taking so long and keeping me awake....
      but anywho....

      The first thing i remember was being in a brown room, and i KNEW it was a dream.....so i started changing this room into a mansion.....but I made it too big....this mansion was the size of a small mountain....with many levels....and i kept flying from level to level, decorating as I went.....
      i summoned sexy porn stars to inhabit the place....but i didnt try to have sex with any of them.....
      i flew to the top of my mountain sized mansion, and turned day into night time....then i put a giant gold chandelier on the top floor....the chandelier was about the size of a normal 3-bedroom house....

      i try my super powers....threw some fireballs.....but not all of them blazed up the way i wanted.....i blew flames outta my mouth like a flamethrower, but a dream character got in the way and got burned in the face.........

      i conjured lightning into my right arm....but then it came outta my left arm....
      then i started really trying to play with the lightning but i cant really shoot the strong bolts like i wanted to....
      i summoned my dream guide....she came and gave me a kiss then disappeared....

      then i fly back to the top of the mountain and i see DC's swinging on my chandelier to the point where its now leaning on its side...and part of its now broken from the top....i wipe my hands in the air and make those DC's disappear........

      my question.......how are dream characters able to "ruin" or manipulate one of my lucid creations?

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      Well you have to know that the dream characters are your subconcious mind. So if you ever get in a situation like this again I sugeat asking them ehy are they doing it.
      By the things I've read I knoe that there are different typea of dream characters.
      There are the good and kind and smart ones., then theres the normal ones that you can hold a convorsation for a about a 1 or so (if lucky) and finally the bad ones which just want to break and destroy and rearly and I mean rearly eant to comunicate with you or other DCs.
      As I said try talking to them and try to know them. You mighy start to know you subconcius mind a bit better
      And finally these DCs might be expresing the part of you that you dont want to show or the on wthat you are hiding. Its kinda messed up there so look in to it. Start knowing your DCs betrer
      Wright back with any response and tell us your accomplishments.
      Ciao ^ω^

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