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    Thread: Holy crap!!! Inadvertent high speed flying!!!

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      Holy crap!!! Inadvertent high speed flying!!!

      Background: I have a real life important appointment today for which I needed to get up early. I woke up (again, for real) at around 3:15am, looked at the digital clock, and went back to sleep with the aim of doing a WILD. I fell back to sleep and in my dream I was outside, half-running towards my house while slipping my arm into the sleeve of my dress shirt so I could make my appointment on time. The absurdity of me being outside and doing this did NOT cause me to become lucid. The landscape was so convincingly real it never dawned on me to do any "standard" reality check, but just for the heck of it, to prove to myself I wasn't dreaming, I broke into a full run in my dream and jumped HARD into the air.

      I instantly took off at an absurdly high rate of speed and simultaneously became fully lucid! Holy CRAP, I'm dreaming!!! This is a dream!!! Not only did I feel the instantaneous shock of going from convinced I was awake to 100% certain I was lucid dreaming, but I experienced a physical sensation of flying at a ridiculous, almost out of control rate of speed I never intended. Even MORE amazing was I experienced a whole body vibration...as if I was lying down on a thousand old-fashioned electric door buzzers. It was almost orgasmic like...very pleasant but almost TOO strong.

      What happened next was, to me, even more amazing. Now that I was completely lucid, and in the midst of flying (finally under some control now that the shock had worn off) I remembered that in real life I had this important appointment, and simultaneously remembered the time on the clock when I fell into this dream, and now in the dream I grew concerned about what time it was in real life, and if I was oversleeping!! I yelled at myself "Wake up Frank, wake up" and after three times, I woke up in my bedroom...or so I thought! I rolled onto my right side to look at the digital clock, and it was covered up by an absurdly large white cowboy hat. (Note to readers: My wife is into country music, and has a habit of covering the light from the clock with a wash cloth or tee shirt some nights). I got annoyed that now I was going to have to get out of bed to move the hat to see what time it was...but then I noticed the sheer size of the hat was twice normal size, plus, my wife doesn't own a white cowboy hat!!! I realized I just had a false awakening - in my sleep! And I woke up for real. The false awakening into my bedroom was so real life-like I didn't even question it until I took notice of the dimensions of the cowboy hat.

      It is five weeks since my first "big" lucid dream, which took me six months to have. I cut that down to less than 6 WEEKS. I'm on a roll!

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      Awesome job!

      Flying at high speed while lucid is an amazing feeling
      Click the door... and welcome to my dream world!

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