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    Thread: Had my first lucid dream. :D

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      Had my first lucid dream. :D

      I had my first lucid dream last night (which I'll detail a lot more in my dream journal), but I just had to come on here and babble for a moment about it because it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. On top of that it had served to make me want to keep working on this whole thing even more. I was pretty intense about it all when I first started trying a few weeks back, but nothing like I am now. No wonder people are so in love with this that have been doing it for a long time. Heck, it has me pumped up enough that I made this somewhat useless post. ^.^

      After all, in reality it's sort of hard to summon strangely colored cats, control the weather, fly around town, and teleport. XD The thing that gets me most is how absolutely real it all felt. I've read countless accounts of other lucid dreamers on this forum but I suppose the reality of how real it all feels was just something I couldn't really understand without having felt it first hand. It was more amazing than anything that I had envisioned it being. And all that is with me honestly not even having a ton of control. I was making small changes here and there, and flying.. But for the most part, my surroundings were managing themselves and I couldn't convince any dream characters that it was, in fact, a dream. Apparently in their world me and a friend of mine flying above the streets is totally normal and acceptable in everyday life. Ha.

      I give a lot of the credit to this forum. The things that I've read and learned here have been incredibly value to me, and have kept me psyched up to keep going with this even on the days when I could barely even remember a simple dream. Made a heck of a lot of progress in just a few weeks... Here's to the next few yielding even more.
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      Congrats, Xiertic Sounds like many more are on the way.

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