Yesterday before going to sleep I set the alarm to 8:00. This morning I had maximum one more hour of sleep so each time the phone rang (in intervals of ten minutes) I pressed the *wrong* button to let this go on till 9:00. During the last interval I experienced the clearest dream ever. I've dreamed a lot the past two months.

tl;dr, straight to the interesting part: during the last ten minutes interval I knew I was dreaming so I tried to clear things up *. I was in the garden of a field house, with green grass (like this, trees and flowers. At first there was still some blur and I couldn't see the grass clearly. Then I looked up and I thought whoa, how can I distinguish this from reality?

The sky was blue with some clouds. Over my head there were the branches of two trees. I didn't pay attention the one with darker leaves but the nearest was a ginkgo biloba tree. I could see its leaves with tremendous detail ( I raised my hands to have a look at them but they were blurred and I almost woke up.

I thought of bringing a friend but couldn't modify my dream, then disappointed I woke up. Take note that I didn't try to observe my surroundings (too difficult or I'm too lazy?) and in retrospect my field of view had some limitations. * Every time I go to bed I try to visualize images as better as possible. Nothing impressive but I already knew what I had to do.