My first time experiencing this in a lucid dream... thought I'd post in case it rings a bell for anyone, lol.

I became lucid while sitting on a bathroom floor. First, I encountered a dream character, who I became bored with quickly because he was non-interactive and clearly not lucid. He seemed like a figment of my imagination. Then I noticed there were 2 other people with me on the floor. They were communicating with me candidly and seemed EXTREMELY lucid. I asked one of the dream characters if he was part of my dream and he replied "No, I'm real too. We're all dreaming."

We began talking about the moment in the dream when each of us became lucid and were marvelling at how cool it was to find each other. One character said "wouldn't it be crazy if we recognized each other on the street one day?" I said, "that would be crazy. Do you think we look the same in our dream as we do in real life? Or do we look like projections of our minds?" We all contemplated this for a while.

We spent some time hanging out and joking, just sitting on the floor in a circle. It was so natural and real - like friends hanging out in a strange place - that I didn't even think to ask for some kind of info I could take back with me to waking life. Just before I woke up, the quieter guy asked me a strange and cryptic question, which I'll keep to myself in case I can find the shared dreamers in waking life and use it as a code word

So.... sound familiar to anyone?? Hahaha.....