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      Lucid ? + Wet=Win :) Tips :?

      So i have been at it for about a month now trying a little bit of everything with what i would say success . So last night i go to bed at like 12pm as usual set up a alarm for 6 am for WBTB +WILD ( never had one , tried it couple of times but end falling asleep which is not bad either ) .I go to sleep , say my mantra a few times , say i want to remember my dreams and so on . This is the first dream i recalled and knew i was dreaming . My dreams are weird and fast forwarded sometimes w/e . I was talking to this attractive girl she was sitting on some stairs i put my hands on her and suddenly we are in a mens public restroom about to get it on ...but as soon as i was about to "go in" i realized it was a dream and as soon as i realized that, i was still dreaming that i was .... but somehow aware that i was ...and woke up with a good feeling but knew i ruined another pair of underwear .I remembered the dream because i woke up from it to change my ... it was about 3:40 ( usualy i wake up between 3-4 for a drink). Went back to bed had some dreams that i could not recall when i woke up , until later in the day when i recalled this . I was dreaming and somehow i look at my fingers that where short and crooked and i say to myself "Im dreaming" and felt like a rush , now i look up to find myself in a cemetery next to a crypt door and of course my mind pulls out a zombie undead creature from the crypt and i lost it .

      How can i be more aware after i become lucid I know that after i realize that i dream i have to do some things to stabilize and ... but never seem to remember that when i get this dreams and become lucid . Does it come with practice ? Are you more aware that you are in a dream when you dream . Cause i only remember being aware when i recall after waking up , but like it said still new at it

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      I am new to the sight and not adapt at dreaming let alone LD,s besides when I was a kid but I research this all the time so take this with as much salt as you like. To your first question I suggest you don't attempt to do anything before becoming clear minded, you can try feeling the walls and floor and rub your hands, or just simply yelling "I want clarity now!". After that I wouldn't try going wild yet, just try floating or pushing your finger through your other hand. Just some small things that will make you without a doubt lucid and understand whats happening. If your a frequent dreamer then spend as much time as you like doing the above clarity test, if your like me and only have a dream twice every couple of months then don't dally on this to much you do want to have fun after all!! Try these things out and tell me if they help !

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