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      hmm interesting lucid dream..

      It was about 9PM today so I thought I'd try some astral projection / lucid dreaming. Still not sure which one it was..
      I finally found on youtube the 1 track that ever made me come close to willing astral projection before a year ago (took me a year to find it again).
      I laid down and listened to the track, after the track finished (I'm good at meditating now, I can lose my body pretty fast), felt like 10 minutes later maybe, who knows how long went by.
      I felt like i was being pulled out of my body floating sideways (I always seem to fall out of my body sideways only, never up or down lol), out of my room (think movies where people are dragged out of their rooms by demons, thats how it felt haha), I felt like I was being almost pulled out of my body, floating out of my door, headfirst and backwards. I felt like I was in a whirlwind, spinning, and going down into blackness..
      i tried to imagine myself on solid ground, I appeared upstairs, than slowly sank through the floor which seemed to take ages, than appeared on the ground floor of the house.
      I looked around, it was pretty dark (I didn't try to change anything as I didn't want to get too excited and end the thing that was happening).
      I looked down and there was my cat, and some tiny pocket sized dog kept walking over my left foot, which was annoying, but i think it wanted attention.
      I walked around downstairs for a while thinking this was really cool, than decided I'd get back into my body.
      I slowly walked up the very creaky stairs (seemed the stairs where as creaky as can be)
      I saw some bright pindot lights through the bottom of the stairs (like in Assassins Creed Unity, the white light-tear-lines that happen where the floor is stitched together in the game)
      I got upstairs, opened the door to my room, and jumped on my bed where I was lying, and tried to wake my body back up. It took some time, I couldn't move my body for a while (sleep paralysis), but I got my body out of it and woke up.
      Just though I'd share my experience and see what people thought it was..
      I've astral projected naturally before as a kid so this isn't my first time, but when I was a kid I just laid on a bed downstairs, than just lifted myself out of my body and floated around a bit before getting back into my body not thinking about it.
      The other time I almost astral projected I was meditating to this same track I found a year ago, I saw an intense bright light that was the most pure looking light I'd ever seen, while climbing the rope to get out of my body, that was after seeing purple lights everywhere. than I lost that track and only found it again today I'm so excited now, I've often had lucid dreams that I control, and even continued a few nights in a row like a consecutive TV show.

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      That's pretty good that you are a natural ^_^
      Can you make a tutorial or something on how to do astral projection?
      Even the least information you share here is appreciated!

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