I am new in here so I'd like to say hello to everyone . Last night I was trying to sleep but I couldnt so I started to do meditation relaxation technique - letting go muscle tense. While I was relaxing my head I was lying on my belly with a pillow under my forehad so basically I was sleeping on face. Then something really strange happened. I had a feeling that I am lying in bed that is not in the house I went sleep but in my house in other city (I study psychology in other city) so I "woke up" in exactly same position but in other bed and started to walk towards doors of my room to check if my roommate is in house. While I was walking towards doors I felt like i was dissolving and my whole body was really hard to control and vision seemed like I was totally drunk. After finding difficulties reaching my doors i finally opened em and I felt way better like most of those scary feelings went off. Then I went to my roommate and he was as suprised to see me as I was. He couldnt believe that I was there because doors were closed and I didnt have keys so I had to teleport or something like that. Then I started to feel bad again in same way but also with great panic. I realised how impossible it is because few moments ago I was lying in my bed somewhere totally else and then I told myself that it is dream and I want to wake up and so I woke up. It was so vivid and realistic that I was shocked as hell (many times before i tried to achieve LD and make my dreams more vivid but never had ld so I gave up). Right after realising that "threat" was just a dream and everything is ok I tried to sleep in same position but with awareness that am having LD. I started to imagine the room I want to be in and few moments later i was there... Random people that I know from real life were there so I said - go away its my dream - and then dissappeared. After that I started to imagine my gf and she appeared in there. I was so happy to have that "magic power" that I woke up... Later on it was about 4 am and despite my efforts I just went to normal not vivid and not lucid dream.
And thats my story guys Now I am so curious about few things and I hoped that more experienced people in that topic may have answers I seek. Any idea what whas that strange feeling at the beggining and why it happened ? How is it possible that I achieved something that I tried to achieve for many months and I couldnt ? Am I now more likely to have ld if i practice ? (it may be funny but i felt like opening those doors that I mentioned was some kind of opening doors to lucid dreaming). Thanks for reading and looking forward for your replies