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    Thread: Quite possibly the highest lucid state possible! I went to both Heaven and Hell!

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      Quite possibly the highest lucid state possible! I went to both Heaven and Hell!

      So I've always known nicotine patches were good dream stimulants, they've provided me with many of my best lucid experiences. But recently I got put on another medication, one I can't mention due to being physically addictive, and after going on a smoking binge decided to quit again and go on the patches, and this combination, plus many real life issues gave me BY FAR the best lucid dream experience I've ever had. If I had anything to say about it I'd say I was close to quite possibly one of the highest possible states attainable. There was no randomness or interference, physics were stable and fully defined, people's faces had detail and they were capable of communicating through logical conversation. It was so perfect that in one semi-false awakening scene I just said "this is fucking real." There was no doubt about it, I was in no blurry and random world, each scene throughout the night was as real as waking day, it was just like being in another dimension. I was morphing the scene at my own will, teleporting when I didn't want to be somewhere, it was unreal.

      Two dreams in particular gave me quite a prophetic experience and I'm not sure, but I think through lucidity I went to both heaven and hell.

      The first dream was quite simple, but the implications later were quite powerful. I was in a room of what looked like a zombie themed rave in a red volcanic dungeon, where forty or so people were just hanging around with their heads down not doing very much. I approached a couple of guys and said to them "hey, we're in a dream right now you know?" to which one replied, "don't say things like that to people around here, they are crazy." I think I some how instinctively got my self out of this scene and moved on.

      After a few dreams and a few false awakenings later...

      I found my self in a bar, it was all gleaming white, blue and gold and everyone was dressed in white. I walked up to the bar and each person had these shot glasses filled with liquid that when they poured into a bowl, crystals started to form as the liquid touched the dish. So I took my shot glass and gave it a go and as I watched in amazement to see the liquid turn to crystal, I turned to the man next to me and said "hey, did you see that?! Did you see what just happened?!" And he replied to me "that's normal around here." So I said to him with full confidence thinking I'm a competent lucid dreamer, "hey, watch this, I'm going to turn water into whine!" So I picked up the shot glass and poured the liquid into the dish and the crystals formed just like before, saying in disappointment "damn it didn't work." The man just looked at me, tutted and turned away.

      I'm not totally sure, but I think I actually just went to heaven and hell through a lucid dream! The hell scene didn't make me click, but it was the conversation with the man in the bar that really got me thinking. To him I was an outsider not understanding the physics of the world, it was amazing for me to see liquid turn into crystals, but to him it was a perfectly normal occurrence. Obviously with me being lucid I thought that I'd be cocky and had the power to impress the man by trying to turn the water into whine, but the reason he tutted to me like I was stupid was because that's what me and him had been doing all along, we had been turning water into whine! The crystals were the whine, I was in heaven!

      I've never had interactions with DCs like this before, I've never been met with consistency and understanding, let alone sarcasm within a world in which its physics were maintained to absolute perfection. I honestly believe this was a bar in heaven and that I was pouring water into whine; if someone said they were going to put sugar in your tea and make it taste sweet you'd look at them like they were mad and that's exactly how I was met. "I'm going to pour water into whine" lol, it's such a newbie thing to say especially if I'm only a temporary visitor in heaven, where pouring water into whine is a regular occurrence.

      The whole night was amazing, but this was by far the my most real and prophetic dream I've ever had in my entire life.
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      Nice dreams. Nice avatar. I met Alex Grey and his wife Allyson a few years ago and rode the elevator up with him to the galley in his NYC loft which is where you had to go to view the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. I subsequently had a nice conversation with the both of them that lasted about 5 minutes since I arrived at the time the gallery opened on some random mid-week day when one of my surgical cases was cancelled and I had some unexpected free time to bumble about the city. At that moment we three were the only people in the whole place except for some unpaid art intern who was taking tickets/money. His gallery was on my bucket list. I never expected to actually run into him...

      Dude it totally nice and approachable. We talked about the anatomy in his art since I was a surgeon and was pretty impressed with the accuracy of his works. His art is no longer located in NYC and I haven't ventured upstate to the new complex. I will, though, one of these days. Maybe in the spring.
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