Last night I went to sleep determined to have a night full of LDing. My husband was awake in another room. Sooo I kept having dreams of myself sleeping in a room or a car, with my husband somewhere nearby, and I dreamed that I was trying to LD. Thanks brain. lol

Anyway I'd really like to focus on flying in my dreams. So I start to lift off in the setting of my living room, but I hit the floor. I think to myself, remember what you read! It's a dream, you must believe you can go through this floor! I'm lying on the carpet, excitedly yelling, I BELIEVE I WILL GO THROUGH THIS FLOOR! over and over. When it doesn't happen, I go, brush it off, no problem, and suddenly I pop into the air again.

When I awoke, the idea of me coaching myself like that during a dream made me laugh for a long time. Pretty sure if I tried to explain this to anyone I know they'd put me back in the mental hospital!