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    Thread: Very weird dream with subconscious narrator

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      Very weird dream with subconscious narrator

      Haven't posted a while.

      In the past when i first practiced dream control i was very exited when i finally could LD but now i'm not thinking of this anymore and sometimes i just have random LD's.
      But about 2 months ago i had this very weird dream. I couldn't sleep all night after my grandmother's funeral. For some reason whole body was itchy and i had to take two showers that night because of sweating. I was watching TV and about 4-5 AM i finally fell asleep because i was too tired after last night of heavy drinking. My body fell asleep and i couldn't hold it back because i was allready dreaming with my eyes open. At some points in time i didn't understand am i awake or not. Finally my body fell asleep (had sleep paralysis) and a strange dream with fully awake mind started.
      I was floating in empty space, had some bizarre visualisations and then was riding thru the tunnels. At the same time a female voiced narrator was speaking. This voice spoke sometimes in my language but mostly the language was weird and unknown one, but somehow i could understand it. I couldn't translate it to any words but i understanded it mentally. Speaking type was very strict and sounded like sci-fi spaceship female voice. Like my subconsciousness was giving me advice and i even could ask some questions from it. I do not remember what i was asking but the narrator answered my first 2-3 questions something about my life or sth and then it ignored me and just monotonously started speaking again in the background. Answers were not direct answers to questions but they were clues to correct answer (or sth likt that ???). It was so creepy and i was afraid. Tried to wake up but couldn't because of sleep paralysis. I had dozens of false awakenings, i tried to move my hand or my body but my real body didn't move, instead i felt like i was leaving my body and i had this feeling like part of the body was sometimes inside a bed ( ???). Finally and occasionaly i woke up and when i fell back to sleep the same type of dream with narrator came. It happed 2-3 times and finally at last i fell into deep sleep and woke after midday... Very weird and very confusing night it was.

      Very interesting is this: every time i try to wake up from sleep paralysis and if i succeed whole body get's strong and weird buzz. The same feeling of buzz cames when i try to "leave" my body while dreaming and when i get out i find myself in other reallity. Most of the time this "other" reallity is my bedroom or apartment or old apartment but with little changes and there never is a lightsource- its very dark and blue.

      I believe my OBE's experiences are just my imaginations but while sleeping it feels so real and i find (or feel) normal LD and OBE to be very different from eachother and with distinctive characteristics.
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