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      5th lucid dream! Terrifying night mares/sleep paralysis/false awakenings!

      I haven't posted in ages, as I got really lazy with my dream journal blah blah. Anyway, out of the blue, last night I had a lucid dream. Before I go into that though I'll explain the rest.

      I went to bed last night and a fell into some kind of terrifying sleep paralysis and false awakening night mare thing! I guess I knew I was dreaming because I kept counting my fingers and they were weird (a technique for me). The nightmare part was the fact that I thought there were things in the darkness of my room cackling and laughing horribly, and then something grabbing my head with a claw like hand, it seriously felt as real as reality.

      I think I would wake up when I counted my fingers and go into my lounge room having an anxiety attack or shock symptoms (something I've never experience), only to count my fingers and realise that I was still dreaming! This happened over and over.

      It's hard to explain this sort of stuff as the details weren't so clear. I sort of felt awake, conscious I was dreaming but also knowing I was in full blown sleep paralysis and I couldn't move my body, then, when I could it only lead to the realisation it was a false awakening.

      I'm not sure the exact mechanism that lead me to calm down, in fact I don't even know if I had a true awakening. At some point though, I realised my lucidity (through the finger count) and became comfortable in the dream. And now the fun begins!

      I think I immediatly started firing lightning for my finger tips to shock and kill whatever had been bothering me. I remember that it was seemingly female (the witch like cackle and the clawed hand head grab seems like the inspiration for that). In most of my LD's I shoot lightning.

      I also tried flying (getting better), fire bending (I suck at it ), and water bending (first time and I was pretty good!). I'll cover these in other threads.

      Anyway, after this dream I might start trying again, reality checks, journal etc.

      I will admit, with only 5 LD's under my belt there's still a lot to learn, my dream scapes I feel could be clearer, my control over the environment could be better (it sort of fills itself out, but I don't really know how to consciously manipulate/change it, I'm focussed on the stuff that I can do (bending).

      Thanks for reading, probably isn't the clearest read, but the whole night was pretty messed up :S

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      Nice! Experimenting in LDs is so fun. When I was first learning about Lucid Dreaming, I kind of assumed you would just be able to do anything, but it seems you still have to master particular skills etc.

      I've never actually experienced full scale sleep paralysis, but it seems interesting.

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