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      Asking my Dream people for Forgotten memories

      So i've been lucid dreaming ever since i was young, over the years i've done pretty interesting experiments like counting in my dream just to debunk the myth of how dreams only last seconds
      One of the earliest thing i learnt to do was if i were in a nightmare, i would just spin around in my dream and wake up, if that didn't work i would have to purposely scare myself to wake up, looking in a mirror is a very good way

      Im not very lucid anymore, I'm not losing the ability, its just not happening as much.
      But anyway, when i DO lucid dream, i say to people in my dream "I am dreaming, and you are Me"
      For some reason they always give me an awkward face when i tell them that and they nervously laugh almost.
      And i will ask them, because they are me after-all, i ask them "Could you tell me some of my childhood memories that i have forgotten? For some reason they dont tell me, and they bring up the fact that i Used to do drugs like "remember that time on LSD" ...not exactly a childhood memory
      I was 15 when i did that.
      So im not exactly sure what they mean when they tell me that.

      have you guys tried this out? If you have not, i recommend doing it next time you are lucid

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      I have talked to dcs about my past a bit, but the best way to relive them me more is to teleport to the memory! using a pensieve or something similar, you can go back to an awesome memory and see how much detail is remembered. I have also watched it on TV too. I like accessing memories, but sometime it can mess with you by deliberately throwing something wrong at you.

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      Thanks for sharing this! This sounds interesting.. though I don't regularly have lucid dreams. I have to WILD sometime :/ .
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