This afternoon, I was trying to take a nap, I decided to relax using a Charlie Morley Lucid dreaming audio tape (I will write a post about it in « induction » if there isn’t any on the subject, and slowly fell into a strange state. I am not really sure I was asleep, maybe more a kind of trance or a very strange state of lucid dreaming On the verge of sleep. Many of my past dreams come to my mind. Some forgotten ones. Pleasant and unpleasant. I was conscious. sort of, and able to navigate in these dreams. I tried to evoke a dear friend of mine I have seen for nearly 20 year but whom I'm still in contact by mail. It was difficult. I could see only bits. In this experience, there was a mix feeling of pleasure, but also fear. I was not really feeling asleep. Finally, I decided to « wake up » and was totally physically relaxed.

A very bizarre experience