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      First time someone in my dream had to tell me I was still dreaming.

      Ever been dreaming, thought you woke up, but someone in your dream had to break the news to you? I felt a little overwhelmed after I was told in last night's dream, and I was very hesitant to record this one, but here it goes.

      It starts out with me in school, as a lot of my dreams do. Each person in my class had an ID number, and for an activity, had to get each classmate's ID number, describe that person in a mean way, then say "yes, that's how i actually feel about that person" or "no, that's not how i feel." I met up with one of my classmates outside a bar where they were meeting what I assumed to be her husband. This girl didn't know we were meeting up, I just had to get her ID number and be on my way. She was slightly frustrated to see me when I walked up to her, so quickly got her ID on the towel I handed her, and she handed it back. She and her husband left. I knew this person from gradeschool in reality.

      I don't remember this middle bit, but I do remember being at 'home' and playing video games. One was a shooter, military-type game, one was an open - world driver, and I remember specifically that the text in this game was very clear, as in it's not regular dream text that changes as you're reading it, and the final game, I assume was an LSD dream emulator look-a-like. It didn't have any gameplay, there was just an odd animation of a 2D face from the side which resembled the art on generic playing cards, and there were 2 different face sprites, and it looked similar to a Cyriak YouTube video. At one point I was walking around this house, and I couldn't help but notice how vibrant the colors were in my dream. At this point I knew I was dreaming in the back of my mind, but I was also going with it. On the floor in a room (assumed my bedroom) were a pair of pants that looked like they had 3 legs, and in that same room at one point there were 2 Doberman dogs sleeping on the ground. I knew if I interacted with them they would probably wake up and attack me or something. It was around this time I heard my dad downstairs. I started heading downstairs from a different room upstairs when the downstairs lights and TV turned off. As I got to the bottom, he jumped out from around the wall as a jump scare and I thought it scared me awake. I was completely thinking I was awake. I went back to the room with the pants and pointed them out to a guy with me, "in my dream these looked like they had 3 legs," I kicked them a little to look at them when the person with me did an inhaling "S" sound (Don't know what it's called) and said he said "I hate to break it to you..." I looked around for a moment. "I'm still dreaming," and for a moment my heart dropped slightly and I wanted out of this dream. I wanted to wake up. It wasn't a scary dream, I just didn't want to deal with it anymore. I ended up pushing the person I was with to the ground in the living room. It was light outside. I punched him in the face but it behaved like rubber. This has happened before. He looks out the window and says, "Ahhh, purple rain." I said "I'm pretty sure you've seen purple rain before," assuming he exists in the dream world. I looked out the window and noticed the rain. The sky was a medium blue, and the horizon was purple. I then felt the moment of waking up, and a second afterwords felt like I woke up again, as if I was in a double sleep or something. I was satisfied to feel my arms under the pillow, and to be in my bed. I didn't like feeling trapped in that dream.
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