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      hi i accidently triggered WBTB

      hi guys i'm new to this website and definitely want to become a experienced lucid dreamer. please don't mind my bad English

      since I've readed about lucid dreaming a few months ago I was goddamn excited todo this. so I tried WILD few times but didn't worked. since I've read about sleep paralyzing I immidiatly stopped with WILD. I pissed my pants only reading about it so yeah no WILD then and i never sleep on my back ever since . since then I tried doing reality checks with counting my fingers and closing my nose and then trying the breathe for weeks but also didn't work. so yesterday I went to sleep and accidently triggered WBTB. I normally wake up at 9 AM but this time I woke up at 7 AM accidently by hearing some noise I was half asleep so I went immidiatly back to sleep (I didn't move or opened my eyes when I woke up) so yeh, i had a lucid dream for few seconds..... i was laying in my bed paralyzed i think my body felt weird it was blurry but i didn't move. somehow despite i was paralyzed i could do the reality checks so i closed my nose and tried to breathe and yes i can breathe. but i was shocked and wasn't prepared and tried to close it. it was very stupid of me and i definitely want to get back but hey i know i can do it now!!!!! faith is restored. but are there techniques that doesn't require laying on you're back? i sleep on my belly but it has proven to work. please if im on the wrong topic correct me and tell me where to write.

      i hope someone can reply to me and give me some awesome tips. thanks in advance

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      I was goddamn excited todo this
      Glad to hear it!

      Sleeping position is not really an important factor. I tend to sleep on my back or my right side, as I feel I have more success this way, but I've had them on my stomach and left side as well. I would not be afraid of WILD--WILD is fun! Probably one of the more exhilarating aspects to lucid dreaming, at least when you have an exciting transition. Also, sleep paralysis doesn't happen to many people. The fact that you are worried about SP may have accounted for your "I'm paralyzed but can move" dream. Dream content often reflects our expectations.

      Keep messing around with interrupting your sleep, like you did the other night, and continue doing the reality checks. There are are some good guides for both DILD and WILD, such as http://www.dreamviews.com/wake-initi...ild-guide.html and Puffin's DILD Guide - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views Have no fear, you can sleep on your back if you want. Good luck!

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      Thanks man i really appreciate youre help! Im not affraid of being paralyzed but im affraid of evil hallucinations. I will resume with DILD and WBTB.

      Are you an experienced lucid dreamer?

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