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    Thread: Whats the coolest lucid dream you've ever had?

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      Whats the coolest lucid dream you've ever had?

      I've been trying to lucid dream for a while and in order to motivate myself, I'd like to hear cool or fun things you've done in Lucid dreams. Like anything from fiction.
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      This is a very hard question to answer... There are many candidates - some are better in quality, others in length, others in level of control... Well one cool lucid that popped into my head was a WILD from last year. I rejoined an incubated "universe" which I created while lucid dreaming as a teen. In that universe I have a bunch of superpowers and live in a female only planet (but me) - well you know what my teenage head used that universe for... But many dreams there were not about sex, some were just journeys or espionage tales, etc etc.

      This particular one started as a WILD into my vacation house on that planet. Went to hang out with the girls (nothing sexy this time) - we played Sepak Takraw ("kick volleyball"), but not on land, rather in mid air among the clouds... I was flying and spinning and kicking the ball... So awesome - like flying a fighter jet but without the jet... That was something else, a new level of fun... Each of us could fly and had super speed and strength, so yeah, and the graphics were top notch... Just amazing fun...
      The dream later went on with me being sent into some desert world to beat some dark ninja lord before it can take over the world with his magic. I had a sword, and was wearing "desert ninja" cloths, and had some kick ass fighting moves against his henchmen... Teamed up with a rebellion of sorts and we infiltrated his kingdom (which looked like a re-organised bigger version of my house). Eventually we devised a plan to get him isolated, fight and kill him. We did it, and I stubbed him with my sword but he then resurrected and killed us all (them in front of me). I then woke up, still in the dream, and realized I was given a second chance. I tried to cancel the assassination on him but had no time to tell everyone it won't work. I then learned from another DC about a legend that says that as long as a living person kill him, he'll resurrect again... Well, I couldn't believe my luck - I knew a ghost in that dream ( XD ), so I asked it to help. Everything went like the last time, up to the stabbing part... The ghost took control over one of the henchmen and stubbed him with my sword... He was dead, but it wasn't actually him! Apparently he knew about it all along and sent a shapeshifter instead of himself. Still wasn't to late, so I got to his daughter (while some rebels took care of the guards), to convince her to give his location up... Well, I woke up soon after she started talking...

      Anyhow, it was a very fun experience. In term of graphics, they were at their best at the Sepak Takraw part. The rest was more of an espionage story, but had some fighting scenes too.
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      For me my coolest Lucid Dream I ever had was when I was in the body of Sonic the Hedgehog (Modern Version of him, I did mention this in another thread sense both have a similar idea going on) I was able to control his body as if it's was my own. I can talk like him and all that, I raised my hands up and see that I was in full control, To me it felt good, It felt right. I did not walk around though somehow the area I was in was isolated and empty not as big of a world, I am unable to alter the environments around me still in a Lucid Dream I did achieve an ability to control a body in my dream and communicate or summon devices (Only if my life was threaten) I happen to self-taught myself how do these things on my own in a Lucid Dream without help, but anyways, still I think being inside a body of Sonic because I am so much like him (Except in a Physical Form and Mind)

      I guess it means that something between me and a Fictional Character has some relation with each other, Guess you can say I wish I was not stuck in this human body and rather be in Sonic's Body sense it felt like it was basically mines, I did happen to spin dash and run as sonic once but that was another Lucid Dream I guess a continuation to that other one, But the best thing about this Lucid Dream though that it unlocked a hidden talent that was locked inside me it allow me to find out that I can talk like Sonic (Voice Acting/Impression) been improving it ever sense along with my lucid dreaming, It's a real cool to have Lucid Dreams who knew it could find talents you never knew you have, I tried it when I woke up that morning and was shocked.

      And not go to far off-topic (I hope) thought I mentioned I used to try to take control of a Character a Therion from Second Life (Virtual World) my avatar, which was in my dream but sadly trying to gain control of my own Therion in the dream it rejected me it was basically already occupied and was ejecting me out forcing me from gaining control over him when my attempts failed I was tossed out of my own Lucid Dream without my consent, Anyways

      That's as cool as it will get, my other Lucid Dreams in the past where nightmares, I only gotten less nightmares because of the Lucid Dreaming help me through those things as it was described, I try to avoid horror movies or reduce my horror movie watching because this effects my Lucid Dreams.
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