So, I start by saying I have lucid dreams involving my actual senses, meaning I see my room, hear people talking next to me and all that. As a child, I could not move and sometimes even see some dark figures, but as a grown up, I can wake up if I want to, or even move without waking up.

So last night I couldn't sleep because there was someone next to me using some tool that was noisy, doing something to my head. I Knew it was a dream, I knew I was lucid dreaming so no attention, there was no pain or something, just the noise. I would wake up trying to get a new dream to sleep again, but there was this dream again and I was getting fed up when someone came from my living room (all noises of the steps, weight of a person, etc... amazing how the brain reproduces it all, except for the actual image) and then, it just came closer.

I decided to wake up because I got a little frightened there. Waking up wasn't difficult but I was wondering if more people gets the same experiences as me, keeping a foot on this side of reality.