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    Thread: Reincarnation in other worlds

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      Reincarnation in other worlds

      Me - "Where are you from?"
      Girl - "I'm not from this world."
      Me - "You are not from this planet?"
      Girl - "No. But my mother is. She has now another body, born 2 weeks ago."

      This conversation i had with a dream character while lucid, brought to me some thoughts about reincarnation and life in the universe. Do we reincarnate? If so, is it only on planet Earth or do we reincarnate also on life in other planets? I had many talks in dreams about reincarnation. And sometimes i dream that i'm in another planet. Could this be a memory from a past life in other worlds? I'm not saying that i only believe in this. But i'm not saying i don't believe it. I have an open mind and i'm still searching for answers. But i like to believe that there's some truth in it.
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      I had 3 dreams that I remember last night and in a way it was like I was reborn in each one. It sounds like your friend was also lucid in the dream and was your dream guide in that particular form. Dreams to me mirror daily life but your own dream has significant meaning for you and mine for me. Some people are more obviously the dream guide and are lucid in the dream. People we can connect with who are open and are communicating more than just the story of the dream. They are my thoughts on this. I don't think it is our character that is so important in dream or the character of the dream guide but just the quality of lucidity.

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