I want to share all my experience in lucid dreaming. Sorry for my english if you understand then its not that bad
Im find lucid dreaming about month and half, in these days im little left it behind but i try to comeback in LD. I stop writing dreams in my dream journal becouse i was tired of trying and get almost nothing of it.
Ok first my LD was after 5 - 7 days of trying lucid dreaming.
I did WBTB after about 40mins i get back to bed and did wild i feels tired of wild about 15 20 mins doing and thing i just find best possition to sleep and try to think about my dreams and what i will do in it. so after some time i start sleeping and i wake up in my bad and i just get out of my bed get to the mirror and try to do RC but i did no sense things with my hands thens i try to dont breath by clogged nose. its worked i can breath i go to a kitchen look from a window and it was dark but in same it was bright i go back to my room watch my hands, my hands vibrating fast so i think i better go outside to do something i go to a doors open it and when i try to close it i wake up..
2 LD was same as first i wbtb did wild for some time and then find good position to sleep and think about what i do in LD and i start dreaming after 10 20mins my dream started when my friend call me and say come to my house and wait me outside i come to him that house was fancy i was outside waiting him smoking a lot and i saw other friend i say hi to him and we go to my friend who call me it was a party inside that house we talk a little with peoples i never seen and then i look at that friend who find outside that him looks like 2my friends in once then i do rc and its worked i leave them and didnt even say something i feel exited so i start spin i cant stop it its start to be dark i just saw ground i spin and spin until somehow i stopped to and i was in other place i go to random house and from that house came girl that i expect to becouse i wanted to then somehow i get back in my apps corridor i seing everything from 3rd after few moments i wake up.
and last LD was same as first to i wake up did wbtb wild for a little bit and again find good possition to sleep and when i start dreaming, i was in fields and working with nso or smth like that. i saw some flash land near us i start running to it even if it was about 1km from me i could just sit in car with man who drive. but i run and i watch back what do that man with car him start driving and drifting so i did RC and its worked i run somewhere and i thaught i wake up , i was in my room smooking and talking with brother i just release that its cant be real i did rc but its not worked but i felt like im in dream so i did more i looked t my hands for about 10sec until i release that its dream i said to brother okey im going somewhere im dreaming him said okey, i try to go outside my house and i feel like my dream gonna ends i try to grab my hands but i cant its like magnet didnt let me to grab both hands to do that thing for stabilizating so i just laid back on my back i spin a litle and then i step up and get out of my house. and outside i saw not people but minecraft skelets i blink and think about people and they apear. and again i walk and find girl i say lets go with me and when i go i find more girls group i pick up two girls and said ok u go with me hmm u can watch us and u can gtfo for other girls then i said walk me to ur house we go to it and in that girl house apear guys who looking at me and try to come inside that room i hit for one and even if i know i dreaming i expect hit back but they didnt hit me so when i finaly close the doors i put my closes down and try to do that girls and i wake up
Sorry one more time for my english