Have you ever had a dream in ur dream?
I had a dream like that u know, I love divergent insurgent movies. Been waiting for the third part Allegiant
I say that caused me to dream in my dream.
I was competing with the red team in my dream. The last part of the competition was someone would inject competitors serums that would make them go to sleep lucidly to score points by defeating what that serum threw at them
A dc faced a pack of wolves and didn know how to defeat them so he simply turned into a giant monster and killed them all. Got A + ( these are my imaginations turned into someone else's )
It was my turn. I got injected more serums so I'd see myself more beautifully for my duty. I had to defend my village against smugglers. So I did all the stuff I dun wanna mention. Like fighting ... Then when I wanted to reach the higher grounds I remembered to do a RC. Wow I knew I was dreaming !!! But my RC failed. I knew I was dreaming but since my RC failed I was convinced that I can't fly. I didn expect to fly so I didn I was going to b conscious bcz the serum in my body( That liquid in my body ) was about to end. I saw my reflections in geometric shapes yet I still thought I wouldn b able to do fly ( the worst part was that ).
I became conscious got a good score. Got A but I really thought I was awake as soon as I woke up in my dream. I didn do RC and when I got up for REAL I was badly confused. Why didn u believe u were dreaming ? Why why?