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      New to forums, sharing experience

      Hey guys

      When growing up is safe to say I've have experience many forms of dreaming which maybe have not always understood and haven't really had a place to share such ideas with people.

      After going though a bad time in my life this was on hold for a while, though recently I seem to have more control over dreams I've been having.

      Mainly in this post wanted to share one dream experience I had not so long ago, after sharing it with someone who put it down to ohh yea you only dreamt you did that and dismissed it as that.

      We'll I can't remember full details though i was escaping from something in my dream, believe was zombie related sadly common theme in nightmares I have, any who's I was using a ladder to get away. Knowing I was in a dream I thought this ladder is right and was able, after trying a few times to change how it looked in size etc just by thinking about wanting it different. Though not liking dream I wanted to wake, even though I was enjoying being able to do this. I pressed my fingers on my nose to wake up, after many nightmares of having to wake myself up this was a method had never used.

      Well after waking up into a bed I had not known it was clear I just had a false awakening, this follow dream was short and not much to it.

      However would be interested to hear some views/ similar experiences people have had with things such as this

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      If you were lucid (knew it was a dream) instead of trying to wake up why not just ignore the zombie, if you ignore them they disappear.

      Generally I don't need any specific dream action to wake myself up. If I am lucid and have been so for a long time and I ask myself a question like how did I become lucid and I don't even remember (while still lucid) then I know I am losing as much dream as I am gaining so if it is a good one I just wake myself by thinking wake up. Sometimes when I have a lucid that is unstable and completely sucks then I try to run thru a wall into the void, to summon a new dreamscape (I call this attempt dream suicide, attempting to kill the dream).

      Of course I have false awakenings both where I begin to false journal believing I am awake, and where I realize hey how come I woke up on this bus or something and return to being Lucid. Sometimes when I survive the void I seem to have woken up somewhere but I'm not likely to fall for a false awakening from the void.

      Next time a you are being zombie chased in a Lucid dream try this. Hold out your hands not all the way out but mostly then stretch them and as you do grow into a giant. Then turn and stomp the zombie into a pancake then pull your arms in to shrink back down. Or try to fly away or go thru a door and close it and ignore the zombie, or draw a weapon and kill it (always throw away the weapon afterwards, walking around in your dream with a drawn weapon is just asking your subconscious to send you some more trouble, 'hey subconscious I want to fight' is the message it sends)
      Sure LUCID DREAMS are all fun and games until someone loses a third eye.

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