Well, diseases have been a common theme in my dreams. In the past, it was generally cancer and/or some type of random organ failure. This dream, the medical nightmare involved me having aids. Basically, I was contacted by a teacher from community college, where I went early in my college career. The teacher said that an HIV test had been run on all of the students. Everyone else was negative she said, except me, and that I had aids. Hearing this news I was in utter disbelief. I was just terrified about the whole thing and what the prognosis was going to be. I had little knowledge of the disease, and I wondered how I could have gotten it. I ended up going to a doctor's office that was supposed to be some sort of clinic for people that were suffering from aids. In the office, I was pretty much scared out of my mind, thinking that the doctor may give me a grim prognosis. However, I found it equally mysterious why I had it. It seemed as though there was simply no means of having contracted it. My mind began to go to horrible scenarios of that I could have been taken advantage of by some mysterious person and had no recollection of it, just the stuff of nightmares...... because that literally was what it was, although I didn't know it, yet.

Dream Two------extension of dream one, with subtle wakefulness in between where I was still confused and frightened by the previous dream

After leaving the clinic, I was on the street of my hometown. I was going to walk up the street at night through the questionable neighborhood to see my parents to pick me up. Oddly enough, the whole aids thing just kind of dropped, which made no sense as I was naturally terrified about the whole thing. I mean, I guess I remembered it, I just wasn't thinking about it. Then, my Mom was in this shop where she was baking. However, upstairs supposedly there was some guy in there that could kill me. It was dark and mysterious, and people were saying not to go in there that the guy could kill me. However, I couldn't see him. At this point, I began to develop very low level insight that I was dreaming and the whole thing became much less scary. Then, I decided to leave and call a girl from where I went to college that ditched me, as I knew I was dreaming. She basically just gave me the brush in the dream, so I just kept on walking, then I woke up.

When I woke up from this dream it really scared me with the aids part of the dream. The aids thing couldn't be possible in real life, as I haven't done anything that's risky along those lines. However, the dream first had me so shook up that I just wondered if maybe somehow I did or that I could have some other kind of horrible disease. Then, after a few minutes passed, I realized that it was merely a dream and I didn't have any kind of disease. I have to say that this dream honestly gave me a lot more empathy for people that actually have received that diagnosis and had to deal with that experience.