Anyways, I had an incredible series of unreal dreams last night. In the first one, I was at a hotel I was living in after I left my parent's house for some reason that I don't recall. The neighborhood was quite sketchy, and it also happened to be largely black people. I'm not racist or anything at all and wasn't in the dream either, it was just that being white, I visibly stood out from other people around and felt this could make me vulnerable. Anyways, I saw this guy in the balcony of the hotel that struck me as very sketchy and generally appeared to be possibly insane (however, he was one of the few other white guys around). Anyways, as I was talking to this guy, I noticed he had a gun that he carried around. As we talked, it seemed like we actually had a lot in common, and this guy didn't seem sketchy anymore to me. It was odd how I didn't notice the fact at the time that the guy changed physically as I was talking to him. He started out as a heavy set guy in his 40s. Then, he changed into a thin guy in his late 20s that had black ear gauges that vaguely looked like a friend of mine from the town I grew up in. The circumstances of how I got there were very unclear, but it was a very strange and interesting dream. Later on, I was somehow hanging out with my parents. Things seemed pretty good with them, so it didn't seem like there was any issue, although there was prior. Very late in the dream, I gained some lucidity.

Then, I had another dream that was fully lucid and incredible. I was in an art gallery, where I had been during previous dreams. This gallery contained incredible artwork, and some things were familiar from another dream. One of the pieces of art was a bed with a blanket that contained a fascinating image. The other pieces of art were very trippy looking paintings. Then, I ended up in a back office. I ended up almost hooking up with one of the women in the office, but somehow I was unable to.

The last lucid dream was me walking along a path, becoming lucid, but somehow it went horribly wrong. I ended up somehow morphing into Hillary Clinton