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      Hypnagogic music

      Hey guys yesterday something interesting happened that I'd like to share. I was lying in bed in the middle of the night. I wasn't trying to lucid dream or anything as I wanted a rest.

      Suddenly some faint music started to play. I knew it couldn't possibly be real because I have a large room, and the acoustics didn't sound right. It was instrumental music and although I had one side of my head lying on the pillow, I could hear it perfectly on both sides.

      I could feel an unwanted WILD coming on, so I turned over, and it stopped.

      The strange thing was, I wasn't dreaming. Before I turned over, I did a RC and it passed. As soon as I turned over there was silence. The reason I think that this must be hypnagogia is because it was accompanied by strong visuals (that usually precede WILD). Even though my eyes were closed, I could see a dark boat on the window frame of a strange and unfamiliar house. Needless to say this all ended when I rolled over, hoping for some peace.

      Has anyone else had this pre-sleep music? It's never happened to me before, and I just want to see what experiences you guys have had.
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      Yep, sensory experiences of all kinds are possible both during falling asleep as well as waking up. I often get music during dreams or shortly after dreams, especially while waking up late in the sleep period, it seems. (They can be either playing in my mind or perhaps be something I'm actually hearing, but I often have trouble telling the difference during hypnagogia.) Sometimes they're familiar tunes, but often I get very interesting melodies that I don't remember ever hearing before. Often I can manage to remember a brief bit of them for a few moments upon awakening.

      I usually have a lot of thoughts and imagery during hypnagogia. While falling asleep, they start out as weak, random unconscious mental thoughts and imagery but seem to gradually shift toward a more “real”, dreamlike quality as I get deeper into sleep. Usually I lose consciousness or lucidity and don't notice, but occasionally I've managed to stay lucid and witness the transition happening right in front of me. And when I'm on my way toward waking up, the same thing often seems to happen in reverse.

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      I have occasionally heard music when I am going to sleep.
      It is typically music on the instrument I have been listening to beforehand.
      I can control 'key notes', but most of it is up to my subconscious.

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