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    Thread: my Dream World - What does it mean.

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      my Dream World - What does it mean.

      Dream Book - Dream world
      i woke up in another world, this world was awe-inspiring, we got in a car crash and i was near death thats when my friend gave me the ability to transform but not into one thing, you could turn into anything you put your mind to, Snake like things dragon like things, some just went from camouflage w/ wings. this seemed to save my life.

      it was pretty hard to maintain these transformations, and afterword you would revert back to yourself. in a human form.

      after the accident i blacked out. an woke up at my friend daves house. their were lots of people their and everyone was having a good time, their was this one red-haired girl who caught my eye, i was very interested in learning more about her, and found out she can also transform. she had the ability to turn into a snake, she seemed dis-interested at first, till i told her that i could transform also. even tho i was unaware i could really transform just felt like i could. i remember going around to ask people, how do i transform, what do you put your mind to, the first person i asked said it was by thinking about your age, or the age you should be. this didn't make to much sense to me at the time. and i couldn't quite figure it out. after going around and socializing with some old friends from high school. i ended up winning over the red-haired girl. we went to a room, and had a great time.
      after this we got up and re-joined everyone, after that everyone seemed to accept me as one of them. ryan said it took me 2 weeks to win the girl over but it didn't feel like i was their that long.

      at this point i woke up briefly, and passed right back out.

      i was in the world but at my old home in a small town. i was inside the house and i met a little man, he had to ability to turn pretty much black with a red-ish glow around his edges, he said he transformed himself into this for speed and camouflage at night. after i met him i went outside and this time i was dead-set on trying to transform myself some wings and i was able to grow some wings. but trying to learn how to fly with them was quite difficult. i was able to fly around a bit but quickly came back down to earth after i got pretty high up - realizing i dont have the best control yet and i didn't want to fall outa the sky. "this feeling was something pretty new to me, i could feel the wings like they were a part of me and was able to use them like you would a arm, i could feel the motions."

      at this point i woke up briefly, and passed right back out.

      this time i was back with all the people back at my friends dave place, i met a man who wasn't part of my life, but told me that in this dimension i'm only 14. so i asked the guy where i was, he told me i went to the store witha woman, and i should be back soon-ish, so i went to look for myself. but their was a blockade in my way i remember peering over the blockade looking down what seemed to be a white hallway.

      at this point i woke up again. this time i didn't go back to sleep but got up to record the awesome dream i just had.
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      In your dream world, it sounds like animal transformations are commonplace. Generally the meaning of animals is pretty easy to figure out, since people assign archetypical character traits to animals. Lions are ferocious and prideful, Snakes are stealthy and venomous, Turtles are slow and wise, Dragons are magical and goldy/demonic, but almost always very powerful. These traits that we come to associate with animals are why they are so often used in children's literature; children can easily grasp what a character's personality and role in the story is just by what animal they are. Henceforth I'd be inclined to say anyone who transforms into an animal in your dreams is embodying traits of the animal; particularly so since it is stated you can transform into anything if your mind is in the right place.

      As for the man telling you that in this dimension you are only 14; I'm not so sure. I recall once being told in a dream that I was "Agelocked" at 17 years and 9 months, presumably meaning that my dream self would no longer continue to age alongside my waking self. (Honestly in dreams I have looked at myself and I still look like a young teenager though IRL I'm finishing college soon.) This could symbolize a desire to remain young or the fact that you view yourself as less mature than you are; a kid trapped in an adults body who never grew up. That's what it symbolizes in my dreams.

      In waking life we are often told to not judge people on the way they look (Very sound advice), and my waking life is full of many examples of people who do not act at all like you would expect based upon their appearance; but in dreams I often find that people's appearances and personalities often correlate together, and with a few exceptions, namely dream guides and characters from waking life. But generally, I find that a dream character's appearance can be a good indicator of how they will behave. In other words, the DC with the long chin, big staff, and blood red cape will probably be an evil overlord.

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