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    Thread: Conscious of Murder?

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      Conscious of Murder?

      Hi, I'm quite new so I don't know if it's the best place to put a thread here but, here we go anyways.

      Now I sometimes lucid dream and when I do, I usually do stuff like flying or shape shifting into animals, it's quite fun. However, I recently had a lucid dream that really disturbed me. I was fully conscious of me killing someone.

      I did some research about murder and death and it usually means that you have built up anger or have some problems with the person. I'm not quite sure if this applies my dream because most of the experiences people had of murdering someone was when they were not conscious... and I actually don't know who I killed because the person doesn't exist in real life...

      Here's the story:
      When I first started this dream, I wasn't lucid dreaming. I was with my family and friends, (and some classmates), in a small but very modernized-looking apartment with a plant garden which I was growing Venus flytraps in. We were there for a while until this man, (the one that doesn't exist in real life), comes in our apartment and threatens us. He looked kinda crazy but he claimed that he had a professional job, and so my family and friends thought that what he was doing was necessary. He said that he was going to take away our home and all our belongings, (I had no idea why), and I felt fear and anger towards this person. He stayed there for a while and examined my garden. He ripped out one of my flytraps, squeezed it, and starting drinking the green juice that was being pushed out of it in front of me. I felt so much anger but I had to let it slide that moment. I instead, complimented him by saying, "I have to admit, that's pretty impressive." He said something back to me but I don't remember. At the end of the day, he left the apartment and was just standing outside of it, adjusting his clothes. (he wore something like a white lab coat with jeans). When I looked at this man, it reminded me of my family and friend's suffering. Before I left the apartment, my friends and family were crying about how they didn't want to lose everything. They accepted the fact that were, indeed, going to suffer. I didn't want to accept it, I wasn't going to let a random guy steal everything. I had a giant meat hammer, (the one you use for softening meat with spikes at the ends), close by and I was thinking about using it. I dragged it from the ground since it was huge, and was about to hit him with it. I then stopped, unsure if I could do something as risky as murder. In real life, I'm a very peaceful person, and I would never harm something out of blue. Until I remembered, that it's only a dream. That's when I started to lucid dream, and was fully aware. I now was in full control of my actions, so I was deciding what to do. I then said to myself, "It's only a dream, there are no consequences." I continued to drag the hammer and hit the man multiple times with it. It was a very horrific scene as I witnessed the transformation of a man to a big mess of grinded flesh. There was seriously no man anymore - it was really disturbing to look at. The police started to come, and my friends and family were shocked of what I done. They were screaming, "Why?" I simply told them that we had no more problems, and we weren't going to lose anything anymore. I suddenly felt guilty as my classmates looked at me like I made a huge mistake. I had to keep telling myself that it was only a dream, and that no one was real here. But their emotions and reactions felt so real, as if I really did make a huge mistake and ruined my own life forever. They even said that the man didn't deserve to die, and was doing his job. I felt extremely overwhelmed that I could not use any lucid dreaming to escape the dream. I still was aware of me dreaming, but I had to let the policemen take me away to court, because that's how wrong I felt. The dream ended from there, (I never even went to court or jail), but I still felt so shocked.

      As I said before, I am a very peaceful person and would never harm anyone or anything. In my opinion, I thought this dream meant that I have some personal issues with my behavior or that I am very protective of the people I care about. I'm not an expert, but I just wanted to share this dream so I can get some perspective on it. Any ideas?
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      First of all, a stranger broke into your house and threatened you and your family - wanting to protect yourself and your loved ones is not crazy or unreasonable (hence the self-defense laws in waking life). Secondly, if you knew for a fact that you were dreaming then it is understandable to act out your aggression and express your emotions in a way that you would never do in waking life. Lastly, it seems like your level of lucidity wasn't 100% as sharp as it could be. You were still playing along with the story line, reacting emotionally to your environment, and couldn't change your situation.

      From the dream, I wouldn't assume that you have behavior issues or are disturbed in any way. It does make it sound like you are experiencing certain emotions in your real life, or have some deeper emotional patterns: anger, guilt, protective, fear of loss, feeling threatened, etc.
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      Your explanation really makes sense, thank you. I know that I don't have behavior issues so that couldn't be it. I have been feeling a bit of those emotions you listed lately, so those could have definitely made this dream. And thank you for not calling me sick

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      I would be careful. The dream figures might not be *real*, per se. But they are a part of you. If you kill them, you're attacking your own mind. Likely when it was trying to help you. Your mind might retaliate. I don't know, but it could. With stuff like that, I think it's best to talk it out. Ask the figure what he represents and why he wanted to steal your family's stuff.

      Also, dream figures might not always be translatable to a real life person, but dreams speak in metaphors more than direct, rational identifications. For instance, the plant might represent your effort or work, not an actual plant. The lab coat might represent a doctor, which might represent healing. As in, this man while seeming like a menace and a thief, is actually trying to help you by taking all of your metaphorical things. Perhaps by sharing a workload. I wouldn't really know, because it's your mind. And your mind will equate different things to different things. Just giving an example of how the subconscious speaks. Metaphors. Nothing usually represents what it does on the surface, in dreams. A child could simply be a representation or your inner child or the old you. An old man could be a representation of future you. You really have to think about it to figure out what everything represents, and even then it's confusing af.

      As for your dream, your response to this man could indicate an anger problem. Especially if you were overwhelmed by what you had done. The whoke thing also could have simply been a test run, which the subconscious likes to do. A scenario. "What if your anger isolates you frkm everyone and puts you in prison."

      I've had plenty of those, though they are usually of me being killed horribly.

      But. For dream interpretation, it's really individualized. I don't view it as something other people can help with. You'll have the feeling the subconscious left you, along with these specifics ideas on object representation. If that's what you feel the dream was about, then it probably was.

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