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    Thread: Missed opportunity or wise decision?

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      Missed opportunity or wise decision?

      The other night I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep so I took a melatonin and fell back asleep within 30 minutes. Shortly after falling asleep I had a spontaneous and long, lucid flying dream. I take melatonin every night and it never caused a lucid dream. I don't know why or if it did now.

      In that dream, I had just come out of a college auditorium after watching a bad film festival. I was walking outside on an asphalt path when I realized I was dreaming and could fly if I wanted to. I lifted off with ease. The path had a chain link fence alongside it going up about 30 feet and the fencing was also above it like a ceiling. I was essentially in a chain link cage. When I flew up to the top, I couldn't get through the chain link fencing. I kept bumping into it and couldn't penetrate it. It was very frustrating. Then I looked up and saw an airplane flying overhead and thought I can do what that's doing and that got me through the fence. I have no idea why a chain link fence should be a barrier but it was.

      I proceeded to fly over some city or town. I was flying pretty high but felt no fear. While I was flying, I was trying different breathing techniques to prolong the flight. I was also looking for landmarks or street signs or anything I could use to identify where I was so I could verify what I saw when I woke up. I didn't see anything particularly unique and didn't see a single street sign. I had enough control that I even flew lower to get a closer look but didn't see anything at all with numbers, letters or words on it. After finding nothing I could use to identify where I was, I decided I should just enjoy the experience. For some reason I got the impression that this was supposed to be just a flying dream or maybe an OBE but not a lucid dream even though I knew I was dreaming. I know that makes no sense. I think what I was telling myself was I wasn't supposed to be actively engaged in trying to make anything happen.

      I managed to fly a long time. I ended up flying into a house where three famous actors were sitting around a table rehearsing a play. I thought it was a rather interesting story and I should write a play just like it when I woke up. Unfortunately I couldn't remember a thing about the play when I woke up. And I couldn't remember the actors either. By the way, I had no trouble flying through the wall to get into the house.

      While I enjoyed the dream immensely, I felt disappointed when I woke up. I have all sorts of things I want to do in a lucid dream but I did none of them. Did I make a rookie mistake by not trying harder to do the things I want to do while lucid or did I choose wisely in just allowing myself to enjoy the flight?

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      You chose wisely in just allowing yourself to enjoy the flight. We value success as being worth a certain amount of effort. At the point we invest more effort than the success is worth to us, the success is no longer worth the effort, whether we achieve success or not.
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