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    Thread: Your best lucid dreams?

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      Your best lucid dreams?

      I thought maybe it'd be fun to have a thread in which everyone can tell their best lucid dreams.

      I have only had a single lucid dream in my entire life:

      "I am in my living room. My mother seems to be sleeping, but suddenly she grabs me. I run to my father. Next thing I remember is that I am in the living room again and see creatures running towards me. Suddenly, I become lucid and shout "WAKE UP!" and then I woke up."

      I find it good since it's hard to doubt the existence of something if you have experienced it.

      What is yours?
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      I find it good since it's hard to doubt the existence of something if you have experienced it.
      Definitely. My partner has no express interest in dreaming in the same way I do, mostly because I have had these experiences (and pre/semi-lucid when young) and my partner doesn't really have any such memories. But my partner does enjoy listening to my dream-related stuff anyway, and can see why I am so interested in all of it.

      Anyway, back on-topic.

      My best lucid dream was my first lucid dream since I'd started reading about the subject and began actively becoming interested in having lucid dreams:

      - I don't remember the start of the dream, but I eventually realised I was dreaming, as I checked my hands and realised. I'd had pre-lucid moments many times up until this first, proper, lucid dream and so I got really sort of excited. Everything became very vivid and clear and this was the most important moment of my life up to this point for me. I finally felt what I can only describe as the absence of physical pain, which to me is completely distinct from the notion of having no pain; so it was the first time in my life I was able to enjoy a few seconds of pain-free existence. The dream ended very quickly after gaining lucidity; I'm remembering I had been outside near somewhere where I'd go running in reality and that all of the dream-reality faded very quickly into a bright white void, other than myself and the focus I had on my hands and my body.

      So yes, going back to what I quoted from you above, I doubted I could ever have a pain-free moment before this dream; although realistically I may never have that as a constant in my life, at least I have this memory and a hope that I might manage to find some release from pain through dreaming (and in my last lucid I did feel this in a similar way).
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